Dr. Jan Pol Net Worth, Age, Facts.

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Dr. Jan Pol is a 77-year-old American-Dutch veterinarian, author, and reality TV star. He is famous for his popular reality show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ on Net Geo World. The show has a global footprint credit to Dr. Pol’s cutting edge skills, talent, and wit. A twist of his appearance in Dutch titled In the … Read more

Veterinarian Annual Salary: Veterinary Assistant, Technician Salary.

Veterinarian Annual Salary See how much Veterinary Assistant and Technician Earns.

The veterinary field is one that focuses on giving a medical diagnosis, treatment, and care to sick animals. A veterinarian is an animal doctor who performs diagnosis, surgery, and treatment to sick animals. On the other hand, a Veterinary Technician is a trained professional who does complimentary vet work alongside a Veterinarian. A Veterinary Technician … Read more