Alaskan Noble Companion Dog Weight, Temperament, Facts.

The Alaskan Noble Companion Dog is a stunning and beautiful dog that closely resembles the Tamaskan and the Northern Inuit Dog. Because of its unique look, the Alaskan Noble Companion has been attracting significant attention lately. Its popularity can be attributed to its close resemblance to the dire wolf, an animal heavily featured on Game of Thrones.

As far as the breed’s history goes, research shows that it was first bred back in the 90s. It also derives the first part of its name from its relationship to other Northern-looking Breeds. From here on, we’ll talk about the breed’s temperament and other significant facts.

Alaskan Noble Companion Dog Weight and Height

The Alaskan Noble Companion Dog is classified as a large breed. On average, they should ideally weigh anywhere between 60 to 110 pounds (27kg to 50kg).

They also measure in at 26 to 33 inches when they reach full maturity. How does this measure up to other larger breeds? Well, when fully grown, the Alaskan Malamute, for instance, can grow up to 43 kg. It further highlights just how big the Alaskan Noble Companion Dog is.

Alaskan Noble Companion Dog Temperament

The Alaskan Noble is a working dog who is very energetic. As such, it can be used in a variety of activities, ranging from herding, tracking, agility training, hiking, to mushing.

Because of their high energy drive, you must make sure that they get at least 2 hours of exercise every day. Though they are good with family members, the Noble Companion Dog can be very standoffish with people he doesn’t know.

Alaskan Noble Companion Dog Temperament

So, you need to be very wary when introducing him to new people. Additionally, there is also an argument that they might display aggression or a higher prey drive. This is because of what experts call a ‘high wolf content.’ If not reigned in, this breed can prove to be aggressive and destructive.

So, how easy are they to train? Well, like all other large dog breeds, they need a firm and steady hand. If you are a novice dog owner, then you should probably look elsewhere.

Because the Alaskan Noble shares a few traits with a husky, it is highly sociable with other dogs. Therefore, it could potentially be an excellent addition to a home with other dogs.

Alaskan Noble Companion Lifespan

The official lifespan hasn’t been documented. However, some pet owners say that the Alaskan Noble Companion’s life span ranges from 13 to 17 years. This compares favorably to other large dog breeds, which typically live up to 10 years.

Alaskan Noble Companion Lifespan

Facts about the Alaskan Noble Companion

  • Because it shares traits with the Malamute, this breed can be highly dominant, especially with early male dogs. It will take a significant amount of training to keep this characteristic in check.
  • The ANC is a rare and unique breed. Consequently, most breeders will sell a puppy for about $800 to $1000.
  • Because of its double coat, this breed will shed frequently. You’ll need to brush them regularly in order to keep their coats healthy.
  • As far as their diet goes, this breed will require a healthy dose of protein. If you want to give them manufactured dog food, then you should opt for high-quality kibble with a protein content of about 20%. Other than this, you should also consider a raw diet because of its wolf-ancestry.
  • Typically, the Alaskan Noble Companion will have a dark, black coat. Additionally, they may also bare signature white markings across their chest.
  • This breed also has distinctive eyes that are dark by default.

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