Can Dogs Eat Kimchi? Know Before You Feed Your Dog

Kimchi (known initially as Kimchee) is a popular Korean food. It is primarily made by fermenting cabbage along with other ingredients. However, the recipes can vary from place to place. Kimchi is famous for its unique taste and spice.

If you are a dog owner, you have probably noticed it looking toward you with hope when you are having a warm bowl of Kimchi. So, is it safe to share the dish with your fur friend? This article discusses whether dogs can eat kimchi or not.

Can Dogs Eat Kimchi? Is It Safe?

Fermented eatables are popular among humans and carry many health benefits. However, dogs are biologically different and have varying compatibility.

In the initial process of fermentation of cabbage, a lot of salt is added. Dogs have a greater sensitivity towards salt than humans. Thus, they can get salt poisoning pretty fast.

However, if Kimchi is consumed in a moderate amount, the salt is not present in a high enough amount to cause any harm.

Garlic is a known enemy to dogs and is a major component of Kimchi. But similar to salt, it is also not present in a sufficient amount to cause any harm.

In some sensitive dogs, it may show mild symptoms if the servings are quite large. Other than that, you can freely feed your dog if it’s an occasional thing. Here is a video of small dogs feeding on Kimchi.

Image of Kimchi

What if Your Dog Accidentally Ate a lot of Kimchi?

Due to the salt and garlic content in Kimchi, it can be harmful to your dog if it eats a lot of the fermented food. The first thing that you should do is feed it a lot of freshwaters.

Water is the best salt neutralizer and also serves the purpose of hydration to counter the garlic and salt. As long as your dog does not show severe symptoms, which is rare, you should be fine with just giving it fresh water.


We saw a lot of varying opinions on the internet regarding feeding Kimchi to dogs. However, you can definitely give a taste to your dog in small proportions. Also, make sure not to feed it fermented and spicy foods regularly.

Kimchi is prepared differently in different places. Thus, knowing the individual ingredients used in the food product will help you decide.

We assume you got enough awareness on whether dogs can have Kimchi or not from this article in order to keep your dog safe.

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