Can Dogs Eat Meatballs? Find Out

Nobody can say no to some juicy meatballs, be it humans or dogs. They are full of nutrition and taste at the same time. However, is it okay to feed your fur friend these non-veg balls?

This article elaborates the conditions on which you can freely let your dog eat meatballs.

Can You Feed Meatballs to Your Dog?

Yes. Dogs can eat meatballs, in essence, meatballs are harmless to them. Some of the ingredients might pose a threat to your fur friend. However, they can be avoided entirely in the recipe.

Today, you can easily find meatballs that are curated explicitly for dogs. And in case you don’t want to go that length, you can also quickly look up recipes to cook dog-friendly meatballs at home. As a rule of thumb, it is better to avoid packaged meatballs as they will contain some ingredients like garlic and onions.

Image of dog staring at meatballs.
Dog staring at meatballs.

What Meatball Ingredients are Safe for Dogs?

Let’s start with the meat. They are tasty, healthy, and nutritious. But you must make sure that the meat does not have spices. Also, always cook the meat properly before moving forward with the recipe. Raw meat can pose health risks to both humans and dogs.

Meat is also vital for the proper growth of your puppy. It aids in bone development, making joints strong, and strengthening nails and coats.

Another safe ingredient is eggs. They provide nutrition and taste. Also, always choose breadcrumbs that have a low content of sugar and salt. The final safe ingredient is cheese. However, cheese is high in fat content and should only be added in a moderate amount.

Which Meatball Ingredients should be Avoided?

Dogs hate the strong spicy taste. They have heightened senses. Thus, anything that can come as a strong taste to humans will have even stronger effects on our paw friends.

Black Pepper, which is a popular meatball ingredient, should be avoided when making meatballs for dogs. Furthermore, it is better to keep the salt content as low as possible.

Garlic, in high amounts, is poisonous to dogs. Thus, it is better to avoid the ingredient altogether. Also, Onions are similar to garlic in their harm to canines. This is because of the presence of the N-Propyl Disulfide compound in both of these vegetables. It severely affects the RBS of dogs and can lead to anemia.

Image of meatballs

Summary Table

Ingredients Safe or not?
Meat Safe. It should be cooked appropriately and without spices.
Breadcrumbs Safe.
Cheese Safe in moderation.
Eggs Safe
Garlic Toxic
Onion Toxic
Salt It may cause salt poisoning. It should be used in a minimal amount.


Meatballs are the perfect food for your dog. However, you must be careful with the ingredients. As long as you are making the recipe on your own or you are purchasing meatballs made for dogs, you have nothing to worry about.

We hope this article provides enough elaboration and answers your question regarding whether dogs can eat meatballs or not.

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