Can Dogs Eat Couscous? Everything You Need to Know

Couscous is a North African delicacy that is made from small balls of semolina flour. Interestingly, most people often mistake it for cooked grain, though through no fault of their own as it has a similar constitution. Couscous is, in fact, a type of pasta.

In addition to its unique taste, it is also straightforward to prepare, with the added caveat that it can be served with various stews and sauces. Despite originating from Africa, it is a dish widely enjoyed across the globe.

Since most people love it so much, it is only natural for them to wonder if their dogs can eat couscous as well. Here’s what we know.

Is Couscous good for dogs?

YES, your dog can munch on couscous a few times a week. It is a whole grain that is derived from wheat, or barley, thus providing your dog with numerous nutrients and minerals.

Off the top of the list are selenium and fiber, the latter of which will improve your dog’s digestive tract. Like everything else, however, dogs should not consume too much couscous. Experts say that it does not provide them with all the nutrients they’ll need to thrive.

Most pet owners will opt for lean meat alongside couscous, as it will help balance out their dog’s diet. Some people will even throw in a bit of Greek yogurt along with the couscous to make it more appealing to their furry friends.

Image of Couscous
Couscous is good for dogs.

100 grams of Couscous contains:

Calories 112
Proteins 3.8 grams
Sodium 5 mg
Total Fat 0.2 grams
Sugar 0.1 grams
Potassium 58 mg
Total Carbs 23 grams
Iron 2%
Vitamin B6 5%
Magnesium 2%

How much Couscous Can your dog eat?

Most experts recommend starting off small, especially if your dog has never tried couscous before. The amount of couscous you let your dog eat will vary, depending on whether it’s just going to be an occasional treat or part of its regular diet.

On average, it’s advisable to offer a tablespoon of couscous for every 9 pounds of food you give your dog. Any more than this would be considered too much for them to handle.

Benefits of Couscous for your Dog.

As you can see from the detailed table above, Couscous contains a variety of minerals and vitamins. Selenium, which is one of the aforementioned minerals, plays a vital role in keeping your dog’s cells healthy and ensuring that they are fully functional. In addition to this, some studies even show that they can help prevent some forms of cancer.

Other than that, couscous is also a healthy treat for your dog. Because it is classified as wheat, it is additionally gluten-free. This means that it will not have any added ingredients that may prove toxic to pets. Moreover, it is a great source of plant-based protein, which will aid in your dog’s development.

A little bit of couscous will help keep your dog energized and active throughout the day. Lastly, because of all the vitamins prevalent in couscous, it often acts as an immune booster for your dog if given in moderation.

Risks related to feeding couscous to your dog

As with most meals, there are certain risks to navigate when offering couscous to your pet. To begin with, if consumed in large amounts, then your dog will get too much selenium into his system. Experts say this is a potential health hazard that will need to be addressed immediately. Another thing to be on the lookout for is allergies.

Some dogs are allergic to carbohydrates, especially ones with diabetes. If a diabetic dog gets his paws on some couscous, then they may experience symptoms like vomiting or even diarrhea.

Lastly, most people tend to prepare couscous with different spices and seasonings like salt, garlic, and onions. All three are considered hazardous to your dog’s health. They can not only cause serious stomach upsets, kidney problems, frequent urination, or even dehydration.

Image of prepared Couscous.
An unbalanced diet of Couscous can be dangerous for some dogs.

How to prepare couscous for your dog?

First off, you need to make sure that you use plain ingredients while avoiding spices in their entirety. Most people will opt to boil it for a couple of minutes before mixing it with either meat or vegetables.

Hope this article answers your curiosity about whether a dog can eat Couscous eat or not.

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