Can Dogs Eat Nopales? Find Out

Nopales are green vegetables that come from a cactus. Their taste is similar to green pepper and is used in a wide variety of dishes. In Mexico and Central America, people are really fond of this vegetable. We also see its consumption common in the Southwest US.

These cactus pads can be cooked with eggs or even made into pickles. They are rich in Vit A, C, K, and B6. In addition, they have other elements like Calcium and Potassium. Succulentalley thinks that this is among the good and nutritious cactus.

So, can dogs eat Nopales? Let’s find out.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Nopales?

A big NO! Nopales are rich in oxalates. This compound is very toxic to your pet dog. Some side effect of consuming this includes severe vomiting and upset stomach.

Furthermore, the cactus pads also have calcium oxalate crystals. They tend to be sharp and can damage the stomach lining upon consumption.

Nopales poisoning can be life-threatening for your dog. If the crystals damage the stomach lining, you will notice blood in your dog’s excreta. In that case, the best would be to rush it to the nearest vet immediately.

Furthermore, the raw plant can also cause other kidney failure issues and nausea.

Image of raw nopales
Raw Nopales

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Napoles?

This question is up for debate. The calcium oxalate that is the major harmful ingredient is soluble in H2O. Thus, the crystals can break down when boiled in water.

If the Napoles are well cooked, it might be somewhat safe to let your dog eat a small amount. However, we do not recommend it, considering the harmful nature of the raw plant.

If your dog eats some Napoles, raw or cooked by chance, it is crucial to monitor its activities and symptoms.

Image of cooked Nopales
cooked Nopales


Not everything that is edible to humans is enjoyed by dogs and vice versa. The oxalate crystals can cause severe damage to your pup’s mouth. And even if it is a large dog, there might be other complications. Thus, it would be best to avoid feeding Napoles to your dog.

We expect you to learn enough about whether dogs can get Napoles or not in order to keep your fur baby safe and sound.

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