Gardeners World Monty Don Reveals Tragedy. Here’s what happened.

Monty Don, the renowned presenter of Gardeners’ World, recently shared heartbreaking news on his Instagram account. His beloved Golden Retriever, Nell, passed away after a battle with cancer. Despite the anticipation of his upcoming book release, Monty chose to postpone the news about the book in favor of honoring and remembering his dear Nell.

In a heartfelt tribute, the passionate gardener expressed his profound grief, saying, “I had intended to share news about my forthcoming book, set to be published next week, but that can wait because my cherished Nell departed from us last night. Nell’s journey began in June when she was diagnosed with cancer, and every day throughout this summer has been a precious gift, even though it has come to an end now.”

Monty and his family laid Nell to rest in their garden, right alongside Nigel, their other beloved canine companion. She was lovingly wrapped in one of Monty’s own jackets, surrounded by flowers, balls, and her favorite biscuits. Nell’s final moments were marked by tranquility and dignity, putting an end to her evident suffering. Yet, the pain of such a loss remains as heavy as ever.

Monty concluded with the understanding that life moves forward, but at this moment, they are overwhelmed with sorrow. This deeply emotional post is a testament to the deep bond between humans and their canine companions, reminding us of the poignant cycle of life and loss.


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Nell’s passing occurred merely three years after the loss of Monty Don’s Golden Retriever, Nigel. Nigel, a familiar face to the viewers of Gardeners’ World, also found his final resting place beside Nell in the family garden.


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The presenter has been flooded with support from friends and loyal fans. One person wrote:

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that Nell has gone to join Nigel – far too soon. May you find comfort in the presence of family – including the other dogs. Ned, in particular, will miss her terribly.”

While another added:

“Shocking and incredibly sad news. We noticed Nell hasn’t been on Gardeners’ World much recently and wondered why. She was such a lovely girl and has been taken far far too soon. Life is not fair. So sad for you and the family, including the remaining dogs.”

The loss of a cherished canine companion is an incredibly emotional and challenging experience for any dog owner. Regardless of whether it’s a sudden loss or one that you’ve had time to prepare for, there is no adequate preparation for the pain of saying goodbye to a beloved pet. If you’re seeking meaningful ways to honor and remember your beloved dog after their passing, here are seven beautiful suggestions to help you commemorate their memory.

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  1. When we lost saffy we were very sad to lose such a lovely loyal family dog…even though we had still got Tilly our other Labrador
    We all miss her
    Thinking of you all including Ned and Patti❤️❤️

  2. Loved seeing your dogs Monty first Nigel with his tennis balls always looked out for him then Nellie and Ned Patti sometimes I feel your sorrow having lost 2 dogs early to cancer and other things so sad.❤️

  3. So sad only anyone who has lost a beloved pet can know just what your going through Nice to think that now Nell is reunited with Nigel and having fun


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