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Dr. Diarra Blue is an American reality star and an experienced veterinary. He rose to fame after being featured on the show, The Vet Life. The show follows him and his two colleagues, Dr. Michael Lavigne and Dr. Aubrey Ross, as they treat sick animals. The trio works in Cy-Fair Animal Hospital in Cypress, Texas.

Dr. Blue was always passionate about animals since he was a young boy growing up in Detroit, Michigan, in the U.S. Thanks to his effort, he has a successful practice doing what he loves. Let’s take a look at Dr. Blue’s career and personal life.

Who is Diarra Blue’s wife?

Dr. Diarra Blue is married to his lovely wife, Jessica Dunn. The loving couple exchanged their vows on May 26th, 2012. The duo has been blessed with two adorable sons and a new baby girl who loves animals just like their dad. The couple conceived their first child even before they tied the knot.

Dr. Blue loves his wife a lot. Just take a quick scroll through his Instagram, and you won’t miss his lovely wife’s photos. On 15th May 2020, he posted a throwback photo of him and his wife. His wife was heavily pregnant at the time, and Dr. Blue can be seen placing his hand on her belly. Jessica’s face was glowing, and she was sporting a beautiful blue gown.

Dr. Diarra Blue wife, Jessica Dunn.
Dr. Diarra Blue’s wife, Jessica Dunn.

She accessorized the look with a lovely pendant, but the best accessory she had that day was, without a doubt, her beautiful smile. Dr. Blue nicknamed his wife ‘Rabbit’, and we can’t make enough ‘awww’ sounds at the adorable pet name.

Diarra Blue’s Children.

Dr. Blue is blessed with three children, as aforementioned. He is now also the father of an adorable baby girl. Dr. Diarra loves posting videos and photos of his family on Instagram. We can’t get over the cute family photo he posted on 5th December 2019. His two little boys couldn’t be any more adorable when sporting their beaming smiles.

Their eldest son named Dean William Blue, was born on September 25th, 2012. In 2015, the duo welcomed their second child. On 30th May 2020, Dr. Blue posted a photo of his wife swimming with their adorable baby girl in their resort-like pool. He captioned the photo with two powerful words, ‘my joy.’

Dr. Blue’s family has two dogs and a lizard. In the Blue household, it doesn’t matter if you have fur or scales. The family loves animals in all their shapes and forms.


Dr. Diarra has a passion for rescuing dogs too. He even worked in an animal shelter in Las Vegas named Lied Animal Shelter. One of his dogs, named Bambi, was rescued from Las Vegas. The adorable pup is a blonde-furred Chihuahua-mix. Their other canine is a powerful Mastiff tipping the scales at a healthy 145 lbs. 

Dr. Diarra Blue’s net worth.

Diarra Blue is without a doubt, a successful role model for many people. His resume boasts of a successful career as a veterinarian. He is the co-founder and Managing Director of the Animalscopic Veterinarian Group.

He also established the Cy-Fair Animal Hospital with his two friends. The hospital is where the trio shoots their hit reality show, The Vet Life. Thanks to the hospital and the show, Dr. Diarra has been estimated to be worth $250,000. However, his net worth maybe even more. Considering that the average salary of a veterinarian in Texas is $ 98,000 per year, Blue could have more money stashed away in his account.

Dr. Diarra Blue’s Social Media.

Blue is an active Instagram user. His Instagram handle is @dr.blue_thevetlife. He has 14.9K followers on the site. Dr.Blue uses his Instagram to posts photos of himself, his family, pets, and also to market his work.

Dr. Diarra Blue
Dr. Diarra Blue

Dr. Diarra Blue’s Tatoo.

Blue took to Instagram to show off his brand new Caduceus tattoo on his left arm. The well-done tattoo is also a medical symbol. Being an animal doctor, we see why he picked this tattoo. Excellent work, Doc. You can check out his Instagram to see the video he posted on 12th January 2020, to show off his new ‘ink.’

Dr. Diarra Blue’s Wiki Facts

Full name Dr. Diarra Blue
Age 36
Date of Birth 8th January 1984
Place of Birth Detroit, Michigan, United States
Profession Reality television star, veterinarian, business owner
Net worth  $250,000
Partner Jessica Dunn
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black-American
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Parents Monica Byrd

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