‘Vet in The Hill’ Cast Dr. Scott Miller Wife, Kids, Age, Wiki biography.

Dr. Scott Miller is a veterinarian and television personality who works with the British Network, Channel 4. The height of his career came when he was employed at the RSPCA clinic, which was based in his native country, Australia. His affiliation with the clinic also paved the way for his career into television.

This came with his inclusion in the show, Animal Hospital. The show was based on the real-life experience of injured animals that needed help. Let’s take a look at several interesting facts about Dr. Scott Miller’s life.

About the show, ‘Vet in the hill.’

The series is entirely based on the quiet, albeit exciting life of Dr. Scott Miller. His medical practice is located in Richmond, in a reserved little village. Scott is very popular with the locals, which keeps him in business. Each episode features Scott, and his clinic takes on different cases. Sometimes, we even get to watch him make a few local home visits.

Fans were first introduced to Vet in the Hill back on March 7th, 2016. Everyone who tuned in watched as Scott took on one of his oldest patients. It was a decades-old cat that needed surgery to remove some mass from his ears. By the time the show was in its second season, Scott was putting his life on the line by tangling with a feisty Rottweiler named Rigby. The show is presently in its fifth season.

Dr. Scott Miller, Cast of Vet in The Hill
Dr. Scott Miller

Dr. Scott Miller married to a wife? Kids?

Miller is married to a woman named Zoe Christien. She is a British television presenter and blogger who runs the site, ‘Human Mum.’ Zo’s site mainly offers a little information about everything. The page also gives us some additional information about Dr. Scott’s wife.

From a post she made titled ‘Fabulous at 40!’ we learn that Dr. Scott Miller Vet’s wife Zoe Christien celebrates her birthday on August 7th. It makes her 41 years old at the moment. A look at Zoe’s Twitter handle also reveals that she is a native of London. Her most recent posts saw her applaud all the brave workers over at the NHS who were risking their lives to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

So how did Dr. Scott Miller Vet and Wife Zoe met? They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend during a This Morning talk show. They found that they shared a mutual attraction, so when Scott asked Zo out for a drink, she eagerly said yes. Two years after they met, and Dr. Miller was ready to take things to the next level. He proposed, and they were walking down the aisle soon after.

Dr. Scott Miller with his wife, Zoe Christien, and their daughters
Dr. Scott Miller with his wife, Zoe Christien, and their daughters.

Presently, the couple has three children together. These are Quinn, Jackson, and Summer Miller. During the summer holidays, the family would spend their time in England. Whenever the kids are on break from school, Scott and Zo actively try to keep them entertained.

On her blog, his wife Zoe Christien also jokes that her husband often calls her out on her micro-managing tendencies. Aside from their kids, the couple also has a plethora of pets at home. These include a rabbit named Buddy, a cat called Ricketts, Beaches the tortoise, a border collie, and three different guinea pigs!

Dr. Scott Miller’s Wiki-Biography.

Vet In The Hill Cast Scott Miller was born in 1975 in Brisbane, Australia. It means that he is set to turn 45 years old this year. One interesting thing to note is the fact that both of Scott’s parents are British in regard to nationality. They moved to Australia back in 1967, several years before Scott was born. Since he is native of Brisbane, Scott is Australian. Miller spent most of his youthful years in his hometown. Scott only moved when he had to attend university in Sydney.

He was enrolled at the University of Queensland’s Veterinary School. Miller left the institution in 1997 with a degree in veterinary medicine. He was only 22 years old at the time, yet this did not stop him from seeking employment at one of the largest hospitals in the capital.

Dr. Scott Miller
Dr. Scott Miller

Most people will not be aware of the fact that Scott’s move to the UK came on a whim. His mother had always joked that he was never going to see the country. And so to prove her wrong, Scott organized a visit. Remarkably, he never returned.

After he had settled in the UK, lady luck shone on him again. The producers over at WTFN reached out to him to discuss the prospect of making a veterinary show for a British audience. Other than television, Scott has additionally enjoyed a career as a writer. Vet In The Hill cast authored the book ‘Puppy Parenting.’ It is a guide for new dog owners who were in desperate need of tips on how to raise puppies.

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