Is Dr. Lisa Jones DVM Married to husband? What happened to her?

Dr. Lisa Jones is an associate veterinarian and reality tv star who burst on to the scene four years ago. Joining Pol Veterinary Services is what ultimately paved the way for a life on television.

Lisa got the chance to star alongside the man himself, Jan Pol, and several other reputable American vets. These include the likes of Brenda Grettenberger, and Nicole Arcy.

Over the years, Dr, Jones and the rest of the team have worked hard to provide affordable health care. On the personal front, is Dr. Lisa Jones married to a husband?

Dr. Lisa Jones DVM

Did you know that Lisa Jones was homeschooled all the way up to college? Yes, that’s right- the talented doctor owes her initial educational background to her parents, who took it upon themselves to get her ready for the certificates and qualifications she’d need to join a good college.

This came in the form of a stint at Cornell University, which is where she attained a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Shortly after, Dr. Lisa got a job at Pol Veterinary Clinic, an animal center based in Michigan.

Image of Dr Lisa Jones

She officially became an associate veterinary office at the clinic on the 1st of July 2019. Her value was evident right from the onset as she brought a great deal of experience when it came to working with dairy animals.

Lisa spent most of her time at the center, taking on both day and night shifts. Being an associate vet, her main job was to stay on call in case of any late-night emergencies.

In an interview, Jones revealed that on some days, she only managed to get roughly about 3 to 4 hours of sleep.

What happened to Dr. Lisa Jones DVM on Dr. Pol?

Television would follow less than a year later as Lisa joined the cast of the Incredible Dr. Pol. She was first introduced to fans on the 2020 episode titled, ‘Sprain Sprain, Go Away.’ Between 2020, and 2023, she’d appear in a total of 56 episodes.

Image of Dr Lisa Jones

Moreover, Dr. Lisa Jones is also set to appear in a decent chunk of the show’s 22nd season. Over the years, fans have watched Lisa treat a variety of animals, ranging from cats and dogs, to even cows! She doesn’t shy away from any challenge, making great use of her steady and tiny hands!

Update: Recently, fans have bee seeing less of Dr Lisa on the show, so they have been asking if Lisa has left the show. The reality is Dr. Lisa is still with Dr. Pol, but she is appearing less on the show but working full-time in the clinic.

Is Dr. Lisa DVM married to a husband?

As far as we can tell, Dr. Lisa Jones is not married to anyone. An extensive look at her Instagram page revealed that she has dedicated most of her life to animals, and her work.

Her page is littered with multiple action picks of Lisa busying herself on farms, and at the clinic. There isn’t any hint at all that she has a husband somewhere in the wings.

That being said, it could just be looking at a case of a woman who prefers to keep her personal life private.

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  1. We just recently started watching the Incredible Dr. Pol. We really enjoy the show. My husband grew up on a farm and was a dairy farmer for most of his life. Ewe especially enjoy seeing all the puppies that are brought to the clinic.
    Keep up the good work.❤️????????????

  2. I think dr lisa is great and hope she stays with dr pol. He always gets good vets but he needs a good one that will stay and hopefully that will be dr lisa.

  3. Love the show and all the folks. I miss the farm and this show puts me back there! Compassion is wonderful. Blessings to all., Janice

  4. Dr. Lisa is a caring vet and a wonderful addition to Pol vet, as is Dr. Nicole Arcy.
    I watch the show all the time. I am glad both vets joined the cast with Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda both fantastic vets themselves

  5. We all love Dr. Lisa around our house. She is a tough girl! I have never seen a smaller woman move as quick and deliberate as she does. A very good edition to the Pol clinic.

  6. Where is Lisa Jones?
    I have watched the show forever.
    My grandpa is from the Netherlands, Jon Ebling, my dad had a blacksmith shop on Wealthy St. In grand Rapids, Michigan.
    He inherited the business from grandpa and mom did the bookkeeping at home. I could go on forever but no more room

  7. Lisa is one of my fav vets I sometimes wish was one there patients until I watch her put that big long glove on her arm then it’s nope never glad to a human Male I love anmails of all kinds the professionalism and mostly the care they have and love for the job and anmails they deal with keep up the good work and yourself very beautiful women


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