Is Dr. Jeff Baier still with Dr. Jeff? Wife, Wikipedia bio.

Dr, Jeff Baier is a veterinarian turned reality tv star who you’ll see on Rocky Mountain Vet. Jeff’s passion and love for animals is not only genuine, but also stems from an adventurous childhood. As a kid from Nebraska, he was fortunate enough to interact with a wide range of animals, which enabled him to develop an appreciation for them.

Being in close proximity to a farm meant that he learned a great deal about animals. Let’s look at several interesting facts about Dr. Jeff Baier’s wife and biography.

Is Dr. Jeff Baier Still on Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet?

Image of Dr. Jeff Baier when he returned to the vet care clinic
Dr. Jeff Baier when he returned to the vet care clinic

Dr. Jeff Baier was first introduced to the Rocky Mountain Vet audience as the clinic’s exotic animal specialist. This means that it was his job to cater to animals like rhinos, wolverines, and other animals the clinic are ill equipped to deal with.

Initially, his appearances on the show were few and far between, though this did not stop him from being a fan favourite. As the years progressed, however, he became a mainstay on the series, appearing in even more episodes.

One of Dr. Baier’s crowning moments on the series came when he spayed a set of exotic rats. Recently, there have been reports that claim that Dr. Jeff Baier left the cast of Rocky Mountain Vet. Most of these reports stem from the fact that Baier runs his own veterinary clinic. As such, his schedule is already packed as it is.

So is Dr. Baier still on the show? Most fans will be pleased to know that Baier is still a part of Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet. When the eighth season of the show aired back in March 2022, fans watched as Dr. Baier treated a parrot who couldn’t stop sneezing. Throughout the next few weeks, he’d feature on eight episodes in total. At one point, Jeff Baier was even on hand to perform the very first goose operation at the clinic. This will only solidify his position on the show.

 Is Dr. Jeff Baier married to a wife?

Dr. Jeff is the husband of a woman named Angela Baier. Incredibly, Baier and his partner live in a zoo/animal shelter which they constructed on their own. The animals they have at home include a turtle, 3 cats, 4 tortoises, a harmit crab, and 4 dogs.

Jeff and Angela’s home is essentially a sanctuary for all manner of creatures. At one point, the two even had a bearded lizard and an eagle to look after. Before their 25th wedding anniversary, the couple faced a real health scare. Jeff and Angela were set

to embark on a trip to Africa to mark the special milestone they were about to cross.

Before they could travel, they needed malaria vaccine shots to prevent them from getting tropical diseases. Unfortunately, Dr. Baier was also suffering from a cold at the time.

Despite this, he had his shot anywhere, and his condition worsened. It got to a point where his temperature was too high. One weekend, his wife found him passed out and unresponsive on the floor. It was then that she decided that it was time to take her husband to the hospital.

Angela’s quick decision making saved her husband’s life, as the doctors discovered that his appendix had ruptured. Had they waited a few more hours, he would have surely died. While he was recovering, Jeff’s wife spent every waking moment next to him. This was a reflection of the kind of relationship that the two of them had.

Wikipedia (early life, education, career, social media activity)

Jeff Baier is a native of the great state of Nebraska. A brief look at his history reveals that he grew up in a farm, where he got the chance to interact with all the animals on deck. Additionally, he was also inspired by the reality show, Wild Kingdom, which, steered him towards the direction of veterinary medicine.

He committed to becoming a vet, consequently joining the University of Nebraska, where he studied Biology and Avian Nutrition. After this, Jeff enrolled at Kansas State University, officially pursuing a degree in vet medicine.

Upon graduating with honours, Jeff got the chance to work with exotic animals at the Denver zoo. This is a position he’d hold for about a decade before moving to his next place of employment.

Over the next few years, Jeff would become an instructor at NYSWRC, as well as the head of the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Vets. In 2007, he officially set up Biaer Veterinary Services.

The centre not only caters to pets, but also works with wildlife rehab institutions. Jeff doesn’t have much in regards to a social media life, which isn’t surprising, considering his age and busy profession. In fact, all we could find was a profession LinkedIn profile, which provides a detailed account of his work experience.

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