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Jan Pol is famous for his popular reality show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ on Net Geo World. The show has a global footprint credit to Dr. Pol’s cutting edge skills, talent, and wit.

A twist of his appearance in Dutch titled In the (Footsteps of Dr. Pol)  “In de Voetsporen van Dr. Pol” created by vets who inspired to be Dr. Pol’s new partners in the Netherlands received many views, in more than 9 million homes, slightly higher than the original series.

Dr. Pol has also written a book that was well received by many readers. In this article, we will strive to answer some fundamental questions everyone is asking about this celebrated vet. By the end of the day, you will know about his net worth, family, and amazing facts.

How old is Dr. Pol?

Dr. Pol was born on September 4, 1942. Dr. Jan Pol is a 80-year-old as of 2022, American-Dutch veterinarian, author, and reality TV star

Dr. Pol is a World Rewoned Vet and a TV Star.

Dr. Pol is a trained Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He was born and raised in the Netherlands, where he started his early stages of education.

By good luck, he got the rare and most coveted opportunity to study in the USA in an exchange program. He joined Mayville High School in Michigan in 1961, he was 19 years old by then and successfully completed his high school education. He later joined Utrecht University and pursued veterinary medicine and graduated in 1970.

After finishing his studies and becoming a qualified vet doc, Dr. Pol started his practice at Harbor Beach in Michigan, where he worked for a decade. After acquiring enough skills, he moved to Weidman, Michigan, and began operating independently, establishing his clinic in 1981.

This facility has been very successful since its establishment close to four decades ago. Dr. Pol values his work and does it passionately. He has not won any major award or done anything that has the potential to break any world record, but he has inspired so many people around the world and has fans across the age.

He wrote his book, ‘My Life as a Country Vet,’ that recounts his long stretch experience as vet operating in the deep villages of Michigan. The best-selling book that was well-received brings the reader Dr. Pol’s narration of what it feels like to be a vet for close to five decades.

Dr. Jan Pol is considered one of the founding specialists in his field and has inspired many who dream of doing what he does.

Where is Dr. Pol’s Clinic?

Pol Veterinary Services, the name of his clinic is located in Weidman, Michigan. Pol and his wife established this clinic in 1981.

Over the years, Dr. Pol’s clinic has expanded in terms of cases being handled and staff, and it is also one of the places where Pol’s show is shot. He has only lived in two regions of Michigan, and all of them are in the countryside.

His Work in The Incredible Dr. Pol.

At the clinic, Dr. Pol is the head of all operations. He is the senior-most staff in that premise and has much experience no one can reach. His hospital receives many clients in a day, and he ensures every one of them is well attended to. This is what makes him ‘incredible.’

His patients range from mice to cows, snakes to horses, and handles all of them with skills no one can come close to. Averagely, he has more than 23,000 loyal customers who trust his work. To ensure he has ample time to attend to all his patients, he works for 14 hours a day and always ready to stretch it further in case of distress phone call comes in.

Dr. Jan Pol has appeared in a total of 164 episodes of the show since it kicked off in 2011. He has not missed appearing in any of the events. The show has an excellent rating at IMDb of 8.6, evidence of how good Dr. Pol and his staff are at their work.

However, he has not succeeded in keeping his record free from controversies. In 2018, he was accused of negligence when operating on a wounded dog and horseback in 2013.

The court placed him on professional probation. In January 2020, another court also stood by the same ruling.

According to his lawyer, Christopher S. Patterson, this is not the first time his client has been accused of such thing, and he is confident that they will push through until a fair ruling is granted.

Dr. Pol Net Worth.

Dr. Pol has been a vet for five decades and a TV star for eight years, yet the figures about his net worth do not seem to be a perfect reflection of this long stretch career. Some may say due to the location of his clinic. Sources estimate Dr. Jan Pol’s net worth to be $1 Million.

This is way too low if compared to his peers or other vets who have been in the vet field in the past few years. How much he earns from the show per episode or per season is, however, unknown. The estimates of his salary are also unknown.

Image of TV star, Dr. Pol net worth
Caption: TV star, Dr. Pol net worth

Dr. Pol Family.

Dr. Pol has a large family of one wife, one son, two daughters, one stepson, and two granddaughters. He holds his family close to his heart and is an excellent family man. He has ensured all his family members work with him at his clinic just to see them every day.

Dr. Pol and his Wife, Diane Pol, celebrated their 55th Anniversary on August 12, 2022.

Dr. Jan Pol was lucky to be among the students from the Netherlands who took part in an education program in the USA. When he landed in Mayville High School in 1961 in Michigan, he met the love of his life, and a lady called Diane Dalrymple, other than getting an education. They communicated through letters when Pol moved back to the Netherlands.

After six years of friendship and courtship, the two got married in 1967. Fifty-Five years later, the two are still deeply fond of each other. There have never been any rumors of Pol couple being divorced or any cases of infidelity.

They fell in love when they were still young, and have proven the test of time. Their marriage is a true inspiration. Behind Dr. Pol’s success stands his beautiful wife, Diane.

Image of Dr. Pol with his wife Diane Pol
Caption: Dr. Pol with his wife Diane Pol

Diane was born on 6th February 1944 in Mayville, Michigan. She was born and raised in the same county she has lived all her life.

She attended Mayville High School and later attained her degree from Michigan State University as a reading specialist. Diane has worked as the office manager since the establishment of the clinic to date. Sometime back, she also worked for Mary Kay, a cosmetic company as a beauty consultant.

Dr. Jan Pol’s wife Diane is a humble and hospitable lady, a characteristic she seems to have taken after her parent. It’s important to note that it’s her parents who hosted Dr. Pol during his exchange study.


Dr. Pol and his wife, Diane, do not have children of their own. The real reason why the couple is not able to bear children is, however, unknown. Instead, the two have three children whom they have adopted.

The two adopted Charles and Kathy at birth and also incorporated Diane to be a member of their family when she turned after being their foster child since she was 10 years old.

Image of Dr.Pol with wife Diane Pol and with children
Caption: Dr.Pol with wife Diane Pol and with children


Dr. Jan Pol has two granddaughters. Her daughter Kathy has one child, a girl by the name Rachel. The other one is the daughter to his son Charles and his wife Beth named Abigail.

Abigail, born in October 2019, is the latest member of Dr. Pol’s family and is somehow considered a consolation since the family lost the only grandson named Adam Butch. Cancer cut short Adam’s life at the young age of twenty-three. He was Kathy’s firstborn.

Dr. Pol Grandson Adam James Butch Death.

Kathy, Pol’s daughter, and her husband Gregory Butch lost their firstborn child, James Butch, in September 2019. James succumbed to cancer after fighting for his dear life for long. He was merely 23 years when he passed away.

Pol may not be a medical doctor, but we are sure he and his family tried all they could, but their trials were not good enough to bring down the monster killer, cancer.

However, Dr. Pol and the family did not share the sad news about the demise of his grandchild on social media, but messages of consolation still came through from his loyal fans.

Where does Dr. Pol Live?

Dr. Jan Pol is a resident in Michigan, and he lives in a remote village in Mayville. This is where he studied, the same place he fell in love with his wife and has established his clinic. He holds dual citizenship, having been born in the Netherlands.

Dr. Pol Office/clinic.

Pol Veterinary Services, his clinic, which also has his office, is located in Mayville, Michigan. This is the center of all the drama you see in the series. The show is not scripted. The scenes are actual events that take place in the clinic.

Social Media.

Dr. Pol is active on social media despite his age. Dr. Jan Pol has close to 1 million followers on Facebook, where his timeline is very well updated. On Instagram, he has 323K followers, and on Twitter, he has 71.3. All his accounts are verified, and his posts about his job dominate the positions.

Full name Dr. Jan-Harm  Pol
Age 78
Date of Birth 4th September 1942
Place of Birth The Netherlands
Profession Vet and TV star
Net worth 1 million USD
Wife Diane Pol
Kids 3, adopted.
Nationality American-Dutch
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents N/A


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