Charles Pol And and wife’s Baby No 2. Son Silas.

Charles Pol is a television personality who is also linked to Pol Veterinary Services. This is an animal center that was set up by his parents, Dr. Jan and Diane Pol. On his part, Charles has been a prominent part of the Incredible Dr. Pol since it first aired ten years ago. As such, he has featured in 170 episodes in total. Later on in life, Charles would even become a producer on the show. A few days ago, we learned that Charles Pol’s wife had given birth to a baby boy. Here’s what we could find.

Charles Pol and his wife.

Charles is married to a woman named Beth Pol. The two got together back in 2018 in a wedding ceremony witnessed by friends and family on both sides. Like her husband, Beth is also a t.v personality who has appeared on a few episodes of the Incredible Dr. Pol. Beth and Charle’s first child, Abigail, was born a year into their marriage. Presently, she is only 25 months old.

His wife gave birth to a baby boy.

On 12th July, 2021, news broke that Charles Pol’s wife had given birth to a second child, a baby boy Silas. He reportedly measured in at about 9 pounds, 20 inches at the time of his birth.

In a joint statement, both Beth and Charles revealed that they were delighted at the arrival of their second child. They went on to add that every child born was a blessing. Moreover, they also thanked their family for their support and love during Beth’s pregnancy.

Dr. Pol also took to Instagram to commemorate the birth of his grandson. He posted a picture of the family posing alongside the newborn son. He’d go on to add that he was looking forward to being Silas’ grandfather.

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