Dr. Michael Lavigne’s Wiki Biography, Parents, Nationality.

Michael Lavigne is a veterinary officer and television personality who works with the Animal Planet network. Alongside other medical professions like Aubrey Ross and Diarra Blue, he runs an animal clinic called Cy-Fair Animal Hospital. The three of them have decades of experience between them, and this has helped them cater to a variety of exotic animals.

On his part, Dr. Lavigne is skilled when it comes to performing surgeries on animals. At his clinic, the good doctor offers a variety of services that range from general treatment to emergency services for animals. Here are a few facts about Dr. Michael.

Who is Dr. Michael Lavigne?

Dr. Michael Lavigne is an entrepreneur, veterinarian, and TV star who features on The Vet Life. The series documents the lives of three vets who operate in the Houston area. These include Dr. Ross, Dr. Blue, and Dr. Lavigne. The three are former students of Tuskegee University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

This is where they developed a strong friendship, which set them on the path to launching their clinic. The Vet Life initially aired on June 4th, 2016, in the episode titled ‘Hello Houston.’ When we were first introduced to the crew, they were dealing with several anxiety-inducing cases. Some of these included treating hungry chameleons and performing minor surgeries.

Everything was thrown on loop when one of the doctors was laid out after an unfortunate accident. An impressive five-year run has seen the Animal Planet air 35 episodes in total. At the moment, the show is in its sixth season. His run on television also included a short stint on The Steve Harvey Show. He appeared in the fifth season, on an episode titled ‘Chicago’s Most Eligible Bachelor.’

Dr. Michael Lavigne
Dr. Michael Lavigne

After attaining their medical degrees, Dr. Michael Lavigne worked in Las Vegas for a few years. Here, he performed numerous surgeries. By 2015, he and a few other friends had opened the ‘Cy-Fair Animal Centre.’ Other than offering services at the clinic, they also offer home services to larger animals on occasion.

How old is he?

Dr. Lavigne was born on November 14th, 1974, in San Francisco, California. Presently, he is 45-years old. His date of birth makes him a Scorpio. It is further emphasized by the fact that Michael is sensitive and caring, which makes him a remarkable doctor and animal rights activist. His determination and strength have also helped his clinic grow gradually over the years.

His nationality.

Michael Lavigne is a native of California, which makes him an American citizen by birth.

His Parents.

Dr. Lavigne is the son of Michael Sr. There is no information regarding his mother, on the other hand. We were additionally able to learn that his father used to give him a ride to school every day on his way to work.

Dr. Lavigne’s Net Worth.

Michael Lavigne makes his money primarily from his career in veterinary medicine. Sources estimate that vets rake in an average of $100,000 per year. Additionally, he also makes money from the practice which he and his friends run.

We cannot forget that Lavigne has been a staple on the Animal Planet for several years now. If reports are to be believed, he and the other cast members earn an upwards of $15,000 for every episode available on air. Dr. Michael Lavigne’s net worth is $250,000 currently.

Is Dr. Lavigne Vet married?

Dr. Lavigne is married to wife Anne. The two were both students at Tuskegee University. It is where they initially met. However, they did not get the chance to interact much because they had taken different courses. All this changed one day when Lavigne accidentally locked himself out of his 1984 Ford Bronco.

Anne happened upon him as he was trying to dig his keys out of the car with a branch. She found the entire situation hilarious, and thus began a beautiful relationship. Michael Lavigne and wife Anne dated throughout college before they eventually tied the knot.

While details regarding their wedding date remain murky, we can confirm that they have been together for several years now. Their marriage has produced two children; a boy and a girl. They all live in Houston with their two dogs, Yama and Woody.

A look at his social media activity.

Michael Lavigne is not a man who is active online. We were able to find an Instagram page of his clinic, however. ‘Cyfairah’ has an impressive following of 16.4K. As it is affiliated with an animal clinic, most of the posts featured relate to Dr. Lavigne’s work at the center. Interestingly enough, they did weigh in on the racial tension matter that arose after the death of an African American man called George Floyd.


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