Incredible Dr. Pol season 23: Here’s how to watch

It’s been 11 years since The Incredible Dr. Pol hit our tv screen. It’s been a fan favorite since the pilot episode, and after 199 episodes, fans still love the show.

For those who have been waiting for the new season of the show, Charles Pol, the son of the main cast of the show, Dr. Jan Pol, revealed that the new season is on the way.

Top 10 Facts about The Incredible Dr. Pol

  1. The Incredible Dr. Pol” is a reality television series that premiered on Nat Geo Wild in 2011. It follows the life and work of Dr. Jan Pol, a Dutch-American veterinarian based in Michigan.


  1. Dr. Pol is known for his down-to-earth approach and his willingness to handle a wide variety of animals, including traditional farm animals, pets, and exotic creatures.


  1. The show provides viewers with an inside look at the daily challenges faced by Dr. Pol and his team as they care for animals in rural Michigan. It showcases the wide range of cases they handle, from routine check-ups to complex surgeries.


  1. The series highlights Dr. Pol’s unique personality and strong work ethic. He often incorporates his Dutch heritage and humor into his interactions with both animals and their owners.


  1. Dr. Pol’s wife, Diane, and their children, Charles and Kathy, are also featured on the show. They play essential roles in managing the veterinary clinic and assisting Dr. Pol during his visits.


  1. The show’s popularity has grown over the years, making it one of Nat Geo Wild’s highest-rated programs. It has gained a dedicated fan base that appreciates the blend of entertainment and education that the show offers.


  1. Dr. Pol has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 45 years. He graduated from Utrecht University in the Netherlands before moving to the United States.


  1. The series showcases a wide range of animals, including horses, cows, dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, goats, and even reptiles. It highlights the challenges of treating different species and the variety of medical issues they can face.


  1. Dr. Pol’s clinic, Pol Veterinary Services, is located in Weidman, Michigan. The rural setting provides a unique backdrop for the show and reflects the types of animals and cases commonly seen in the area.


  1. In addition to the television series, Dr. Pol has authored several books, including “Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow: My Life as a Country Vet” and “The Incredible Dr. Pol: Made in America.” These books offer further insights into his life, career, and experiences as a veterinarian.

Image of Dr. Jan Pol with his friends and dogs

Incredible Dr. Pol New Season Release Date

Incredible Dr. Pol season 23 is airing since july 22, 2023.

Where to Watch

You can watch the show on Nat Geo Wild. You can record the show and watch it later if you do not have time to watch the show at that time. You can also stream from Disney Plus and the ABC app.

Cast: Are Dr. Nicole and Dr. Brenda Still on the Show?

Dr. Jan Pol will be seen doing his magic, healing wounded animals who his incredibly talented staff will join.

Charles revealed that one of the top vets of the show who started ever since the start of the show, Dr. Brenda, will be joining the team for the new season. So, Dr. Brenda’s fans, it’s good news.

Dr Brenda and Dr Nicole from the Incredible Dr. Pol

Charles Promised to let the fans know if she ever left the clinic or the show.

Also, Dr. Nicole will be seen treating animals and working closely with the team.

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  1. I wish I had a vet like him. I took my 2 year old Mastiff puppy to the new vet that bough out my good old Vet, to get her nails cut. He killed her on purpose. He held her up off the floor and I told him she could not breath. You could see her sides heaving. He would not put her down and he held her until she was dead. I kept telling him to stop and he would not. He put her on the ground and pushed her with his foot then pretended to try to niobate her.. How does a vet get away with this. I have a dead puppy and he could care less. Be careful of the Vet you take you pets to.

  2. Have seen all the shows, multiple times! I adore Dr Pol and his vets, especially Dr Brenda. She is my favorite. I also love Dr Nicole and one whose name slips my mind. Anyway, love the show very much!

  3. We love this show!! And have learned a lot from Dr. Pol. When I have to take my pet cat to the vet. I ask if Dr. Pol is in! By the way, you forgot to mention the other daughter, Diane. She is in some of the shows, especially ones honoring Dr. Pol. We see her way more than Kathy, who doesn’t like being included on tv. We miss Dr. Emily so much, but do get to see pictures she posts on Facebook. Dr Brenda is wonderful, and Dr. Nichole is too darn cute!! She has the best smile!! There are also certain farmers that we love! We’ve watched the show for so long, over and over that we know the names of their pets and what the diagnosis will be.

  4. That’s great I love the Incredible Dr. Pol would love the show. I think it’s amazing the way he has a such a great knowledge of animals, Dr. Brenda, and all the rest of the doctors and assistance. Do an amazing job. Keep up the good work and may God bless each one of you very richly in Jesus name.

  5. So happy for new episodes. Really enjoy all of you on show. Thank you for all your efforts, am sure it’s not easy being filmed and filming. The tech guys and camera men/women, awesome, too. God bless!

  6. Love Dr.pol I wish I lived by him so bring my bandit to see him no one can figure out why keep get sore on is tail they give anboit they go away and month later there back they are every itch for him it’s been years now differen vets I feel hopeless and sad for my dog it’s cost of vets bills are taking control over this. Love my dog so much helpless on this. Bring to you if I could afford it . Love you DR.POL AND EVERYONNE ON THE SHOW.


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