Story of A dog that fetches Groceries.

Recently, a video of a dog shopping for groceries on behalf of its owner became popular on Social media. The dog has a mission to complete every day.

It shows up on the local market, sometimes accompanied by a partner and shops for groceries and fruits. Furthermore, it also makes the payment and brings change back to its owner.

The dog is picky and has a good sense of what the owner wants. She occasionally picks her own fruits and puts them in the basket.

She comes with a basket in her mouth and approaches the shopkeepers with a humble demeanor. Furthermore, she waits patiently until the shopkeeper verifies and completes the order.

After her mission is complete, she picks up the basket and makes her way back home. The video has won the internet as it currently stands at 17 million views and growing. People couldn’t help but give out their hearts to the clever pup.

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