Must Read: How a Couple Saved a dog and its litter.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and easily the most popular animals in the world. This was particularly evident when a small community in America came together to rescue a female dog and her little of pups. Prior to this, they had lived in an area too close to a construction site; desolate, starving, and exposed to all the dangers that came with the area. This is when a local couple tried to intervene. They set about to rescue the litter, only to be met by an aggressive and protective mother. Moreover, the dogs backed away every time they tried to approach them.

Bereft of options, the couple decided to call in an animal expert, a dog whisperer if you will. Steven immediately set to the task, attempting to gain the female dog’s trust. He regularly visited the litter, leaving food and water at a safe distance, so that the pups can approach. His strategy worked, and with each passing day, the mother let him get closer to her litter.

Eventually, he was able to gain their trust, load the pups into his car and drive them to the clinic. The mother was still hesitant at first and it looked like she’d stay behind for a moment or so, before her maternal instincts kicked in, prompting her to spring into action. She followed Steve, who was driving slow enough for her to keep pace with the vehicle.

Once they were examined, the pups were given a new forever home. Again, the mother showed some hesitance at first. And several weeks would even pass before she learned to trust again. We are proud to report that mother and pups have finally been reunited again!

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