Dr. Chris Brown Reveals how he broke his hand.

Dr. Chris Brown, DVM, is an Australian veterinarian, television personality, and author. He is best known for his work as a veterinarian on various television shows, including “Bondi Vet” and “The Open Road with Dr. Chris.” Dr. Brown gained widespread recognition for his role on “Bondi Vet,” which followed his experiences working at a veterinary clinic in Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Aside from his television career, Dr. Chris Brown is also an accomplished author, having written several books on pet care and animal welfare. He is a passionate advocate for animal health and welfare and frequently shares his expertise through public appearances, media interviews, and social media platforms.

Dr. Brown’s engaging personality, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience as a veterinarian, has made him a beloved figure in the world of animal care and entertainment.

Dr. Chris Brown reveals how he broke his hand

During a recent appearance on Triple M’s Mick and MG in the Morning, veterinarian Dr. Chris Brown shared a humorous anecdote about breaking his arm while attempting to execute ‘the worm’ dance move on the dance floor. The 45-year-old television personality admitted that the embarrassing incident occurred during his university days.

Reflecting on the ill-fated attempt, Dr. Brown humorously recounted his thought process, stating, “I thought I’m not flexible but if I hit this with enough pace and altitude, physics and gravity will be my friend.” However, his ambitious maneuver resulted in an unexpected outcome as he ended up breaking both his radius and ulna.

Undeterred by the mishap, Dr. Brown sought medical attention the following morning, x-raying his injury at the veterinary school before being swiftly transferred to the hospital’s emergency department for further evaluation.

The former host of “I’m a Celebrity” found himself in a sling for six weeks after a mishap. Recent reports suggest that the television personality is feeling the pressure as he gears up for his upcoming roles at Seven Network.

His initial responsibilities include hosting “Dancing With The Stars,” spearheading a new renovation show titled “Dream Home,” and leading a new animal adventure series called “Once In A Lifetime.”

According to a source cited in New Idea magazine, the transition to Seven Network has been challenging for him. “He’s turned his whole life upside down moving to Seven, and he could be feeling the pressure,” the source stated.

The insider also emphasized the network’s high expectations, describing it as “ruthless” when it comes to ratings, and highlighted the pressure Dr. Chris Brown faces when the cameras start rolling.

Brown recently signed a lucrative two-year contract with Seven Network, reportedly valued at over $1 million per year, following the completion of his contractual obligations for “I’m A Celebrity” at his former network.

His television career began in 2003 when he joined Seven as a presenter on “Harry’s Practice,” a role that earned him a Logie nomination for Most Popular New Talent.

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