Lee Asher’s TV Show “My Pack Life” Season 2 Canceled or Renewed? How to Watch


Saving one animal means saving their entire being. But in the modern time when the rush to the 6 figures job is keeping everyone occupied, one person abandons that privilege for the sake of the animal world. 

How many pets are too many? 

Meet the person for whom the limit doesn’t exist, 

Lee Asher! 

For all the animal lovers out there, you might have heard about the show My Pack Life. Dreaming about creating Noah’s ark of the modern era, Lee has built a sanctuary called the Asher house which aims to become a loving house for numerous rescue animals which can be seen in this captivating series called “My Pack Life”. 

But what led him to this life with fur babies? Let’s dig in!  

Who is Lee Asher? 

Man for fur babies, and passionate animal advocate, Lee Asher is a popular and recognized star of the Animal Planet series with his show called, My Pack Life who primarily works and documents his rescue mission and gives the animals a living home. In one of his interviews, he mentioned his severe learning disabilities and ADHD how he used to skip the schools to visit animal shelters, and how all these events have turned him into the person he is now. 

Florida-born Asher’s journey into animal welfare began when he started his mission to visit shelters across the states and start rescuing through his travels. Many people are shocked by the fact that he was allergic to dogs in his childhood but later on he overcame that allergy. 

Understanding the impact he could have by providing a voice for needy animals, he lit the spark for his lifelong passion for animals. Driven by his desire to make an impact in the lives of shelter animals, he founded The Asher House, a sanctuary for animals in need and for which it is known to all of us. 

 Lee Asher on the TV show My Pack Life 

The show with the after-happy life of those animals, My Pack Life, a heartwarming series that airs on Animal Planet and streams on Discovery+ features the works of Lee Asher. The show follows Lee’s journey in which he leaves a corporate job to establish Noah; ‘s empire, his lifelong dream” The Asher House” an animal sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon. 

The show promotes animal adoption and shows the home Lee established for various rescued animals, including his adventures as he travels across the US and Canada and how he settles in Oregon.

In the show, viewers can witness Lee’s efforts in establishing the Asher House which the episodes that showcase his heartwarming stories of animal rescue, rehabilitation, and the profound bond between humans and animals. Lee and his pack family are growing with dogs, donkeys, horses, pigs, cows, goats, sheep, and even a parrot. 

The first episode of the show premiered on Feb 13, 2022, and a total of 9 episodes have been aired to date with the final episode “Sal’s Spa Day” being the final episode. 

Is My Pack Life canceled or renewed for season 2? 

Fans of My Pack Life are eager and curious about season 2. We can see their excitement in the comments section as well but the delay in the decision has made everyone sad and wonder for a long period. 


It’s happening, guys! 

Season 2 of My Pack Life will premiere soon. When Lee Ahser was questioned about the Show’s future, he hinted that it is not canceled and suggested an anticipated date to be around late 2024.  Yes, the specific details are yet to be disclosed but this hint has generated excitement among viewers. We can’t wait to witness the new updates on the stories of animal life in the Asher house. 

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