“Hanging With The Hendersons” Canceled? Meet its Cast.

Hanging With The Hendersons is a reality show that chronicles the activities of a family-run animal clinic named Fox Hollow Animal Hospital. The hospital, which is located in Lakewood, Colorado, is owned by Dr. Tony Henderson. With the help of his two sons, Dr. Ryan and Dr. Ross, he has built a reputable practice.

The family-run clinic caught the attention of Animal Planet after Dr. Ross’ clip of him serenading an anxious dog with his guitar went viral. This was an excellent premise for a reality show. Join us as we dive into the animal-centric life of the Henderson clan.

About the show, Hanging With The Hendersons.

Hanging With the Hendersons is a show that has a lot to do with hanging out with animals as much as it is about hanging out with the Henderson Team. As aforementioned, the show follows the real-life activities of Dr. Tony, Dr. Ross, and Dr. Ryan as they do their best to treat pets. Nestled in the park-rich city, Lakewood, Colorado, is the Fox Hollow Animal Hospital.

This hospital is the home away from home for the Henderson team. With family, it’s hard not to mix business with a little pleasure, but the Hendersons know how to take it all in stride.

The reality show premiered on our screens on January 11th, 2019. Ratings were great enough to warrant Animal Planet to renew it for a second season on July 13th, 2019. The first season focused more on domestic pets like dogs and cats, but that didn’t make it boring.

The Hendersons filled the show with enough fun moments thanks to their great sense of humor and family bond. This family finds a way to turn seemingly mundane routines into a fun-filled ride. Remember when Dr. Ross serenaded his way into our hearts two years ago?


Hanging With the Hendersons cast
Hanging With the Hendersons


Who would have thought that guitars could find a place in an animal hospital? The Hendersons can turn anything they touch into gold, and it’s no wonder Animal Planet came beckoning for the clan to shoot a reality show.

For season two, the series decided to take a different creative direction. It featured less conventional animals that the audience was used to. The roster of animals included wolves, skinks, and wallabies. Doctor Ross couldn’t help gushing about how special it was to work with wild animals. Well, we don’t blame him. It was his first time working with skinks and wallabies. If I was in his shoes, I couldn’t shut up about it either.

If season two was that fun, I wonder what the show’s producers have in store for us with season three. Maybe a Blue Whale, some tigers perhaps, or lions? Okay, let’s not get carried away here. But in all seriousness, this is one of the shows that fans are eagerly waiting for a reboot.

Thankfully, ratings are on an all-time high, and there shouldn’t be anything that should prevent the third season from airing, sooner or later.

The cast of Hanging With the Hendersons.

If you want to know more about the cast of Hanging With the Hendersons, don’t worry, we got you covered. At the helm is Dr. Tony, the family patriarch. He opened the Fox Hollow Animal Hospital in 1996. Now in its 24th year, the clinic has continued giving pet owners a sigh of relief as well as their adorable furry, feathered or scaly companions.

Dr. Tony rides off on his 30 plus years of experience to relieve his furry patients. If they could speak, they would sing praises for the good doctor. Thanks to Tony’s animal passion, his kids, Ryan and Ross, were also inspired to join the career, and it became a full-blown family affair. His wife, too, isn’t left behind either. She also helps run their family operation.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the great hospital it is if Cole wasn’t in on the action. He is the technical assistant of the Fox Hollow Animal Hospital, and he is undoubtedly the man for the job. The series also features other technicians and employees at the clinic, and they all have an important role in running the hospital.

Dr. Ross Henderson, Married, Age, Wife, Wiki bio.

It’s no secret that Dr. Ross has a lot to do with the creation of the show, Hanging With the Hendersons. Thanks to his passion for music, he put the Fox Hollow Animal Hospital on the map. A clip of him playing the guitar to a patient dog named Ruby went viral, and the world has never been the same again.

Dr. Ross plays music a lot in the clinic to calm the nerves of agitated animals. He loves music so much so that he found a way to incorporate it into his career.

Ross has even been dubbed, ‘The Singing Veterinarian.’ When the clip of him singing Elvis Presley’s ‘I can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ went viral, women lost their minds, and they too couldn’t help falling in love with Dr. Ross. They even asked if he was married.

Sadly, suitresses had to find out via a Facebook post that their latest crush was already taken. Ross is married to a woman named Becca Henderson. Becca took to Facebook to mark her territory and made it loud and clear that she was the wife of the great doctor. The couple started dating when they were 18 years old in 2007 and are still madly in love with each other.

On May 15th, 2017, Dr. Ross posted a photo of him with his lovely wife on his Facebook page. He then captioned the photo writing that he wouldn’t know where he would be without Becca’s love and her sticking to his side. He then ended the heartfelt caption with two heart emojis. The couple resides in Littleton, Colorado, with their adorable dog named Charlie.

Dr. Ross is the third of four boys in his family. He grew up in Littleton, Colorado. Henderson earned his Veterinary Surgery degree from Edinburg, Scotland. Apart from being a vet, Ross is also a professional musician. He is planning on releasing his album in 2020.

Dr. Ryan Henderson wiki-bio, married wife? Is he engaged to fiancé?

Ryan Henderson is the second born of Dr. Tony Henderson and Debbie Henderson. Ryan grew up in Littleton, Colorado, with his three brothers. He studied at the Colorado State University, where he received his masters and an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science.

Dr. Ryan also attended the University of Illinois Veterinary School. Henderson is also a member of the AAFP, which in full is the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Something interesting about Ryan that many people may not know is that he is a talented painter.

Dr. Ryan Henderson, son of Dr. Tony
Dr. Ryan Henderson

He uploaded a portrait he had made of a beautiful brunette sporting a bright red lipstick on his Instagram. That’s not all; his Instagram boasts of many other paintings that are so accurate and almost life-like.

Dr. Ryan’s personal life remains a mystery. Even his Instagram is devoid of any photos that could give us a clue about his relationship status. However, we do know that he has dogs and cats for pets. He can’t resist posting their photos on his Instagram.

Dr. Tony Henderson vet wiki-bio.

Tony Henderson hails from Ireland, Europe. He was born in January 14th, 1954. When he was 27 years old, he immigrated to the United States and started his animal hospital, Fox Hollow Animal Hospital. He made a move in 1996 and boy, has it paid off.

He was lucky to have inspired his boys, Dr. Ryan and Dr. Ross, to join him in his practice, and thanks to them, the family business is comfortably riding the waves of success. Dr. Tony studied at the Trinity College in Dublin, where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

Dr. Tony Henderson
Dr. Tony Henderson

He is also a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Tony has over 35 years in animal medicine, and pet owners can’t seem to stop bringing their pets to him. Dr. Tony’s wife is Debbie Henderson. She gave birth to four handsome boys.

Hanging With The Hendersons Cancelled or Renowned.

After running for 2 seasons as of 2019, tv show Hanging With The Hendersons has no plans of calling it quits as of now. To those curious fans worried if Hanging With The Hendersons is canceled, let us assure you, the third season is going to release at the end of 2020.

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