Tall Skinny Dogs: 10 Tall and Skinny Breeds.

Dogs can come in all shapes and sizes these days. Some are small, some are ridiculously large, and in some cases, they can even be shaped like sausages! We will in a time of infinite possibilities when it comes to dog shapes and sizes. Aesthetics is typically the first thing most dog enthusiasts will look for when choosing a pet for their family. Recently, there has been an influx of first-time pet owners opting for tall skinny dogs. This is mostly down to their regal appearance, and the ease at which they can move. Here is a list of the top 10 tall and skinny dog breeds.

Tall and Skinny Dog Breeds

Here’s a list of tall skinny dog breeds.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman pinscher is a sleek, muscular, lean, and compact dog that was initially bred in Germany. An adult pinscher will typically weigh around 60 to 80 pounds, measuring in at 24 to 28 inches once they are fully grown. Owing to their fearless, aggressive, and watchful nature, the pinscher is a remarkable watchdog.

This is further compounded by the fact that the Doberman Pinscher is a highly intelligent and loyal dog. It further makes them an excellence pet to have at home.

Tall Skinny Dog, Doberman Pinscher

This tall and skinny dog breed additionally has short and shiny coats that can take on a variety of hues. These range from black to dark red. Another thing to consider is that these dogs are more suitable towards experience handlers.


Greyhounds are smart, athletic, even tempered, and energetic dogs. As far its lineage goes, the greyhound can be traced back to ancient Egypt, 3,000 BC to be exact. This tall and skinny dog breed was originally engineered to be fierce hunters, particularly when it comes to deer and rabbits.

Tall Skinny Dog, Grey Hound

Unsurprisingly, this dog is considered one of the fastest breeds in the world. On average, the greyhound can live for about a decade to 13 years. Switching to the greyhounds’ measurements, we found that when its fully matured, this dog can grow up to 30 inches (76.2 cm). Moreover, it can also weigh about 60 pounds.

Afghan Hound

As the name suggests, the Afghan Hound was originally bred in Western Afghanistan. Because this dog made its home in the mountains, it developed a thick and heavy coat. Underneath that lustrous coat, however, is a tall and skinny body.

On average, its optimum weight is about 60 pounds. In addition to this, the Afghan hound can reach a height 26 inches, measuring from its feet to its shoulders. These loyal, loving, and independent dogs have a lifespan of about 14 years.

Tall Skinny Dog, Afghan Hound

Though they make for excellent family dogs, we feel compelled to mention that this tall and skinny dog can be quite mischievous. Most of them tend to steal food and clothes.


Vizslas are a thin, medium to large dog breed that first walked this earth more than a 1000 years ago. They can be initially traced back to Hungary, where they were first bred. Looking at their appearances, we found that their coats are mostly golden red or rust. Since they were originally bred to hunt, these dogs tend to be highly energetic. As such, they need frequent exercise and a large yard to run around in. Vizslas are also deeply affectionate and loyal dogs who want to spend every waking moment with their humans. Their life expectancy is typically 13 years, and on the higher end of the spectrum, they can measure up to 61cm.

Tall Skinny Dog Vizsla


The sloughi is a Moroccan dog that is alert, intelligent and attentive. This, and the fact that he is a sight hound, makes the sloughi a proficient hunter. Appearance wise, the sloughi’s coat is both soft and short. Because of this, you’ll only need to groom the dog once every week.

This type of tall and skinny dog breed can weigh approximately 50 pounds at most. At shoulder length, it measures around 29 inches. Because of their fierce loyalty, the sloughi can be a bankable guard dog. This, however, means that you’ll have to be cautious when introducing them to strangers as they tend to be standoff-ish.

Tall Skinny Dog Sloughi


Whippets are skinny and slightly tall dogs that can grow up to 22 inches. Some of this dog’s most common traits include its deep chest, short coat, thin limbs, and waist. These dogs closely resemble greyhounds, but owing to their diminished size, they are often referred to as a poor man’s version of this breed.

As far as temperament goes, these dogs are sweet, easy going and non-aggressive. Though they make for excellent family dogs, they are not known for their guarding instincts.  Moreover, they hardly ever bark, so they wouldn’t be able to warn you if a stranger was lurking around.

Tall Skinny Dog Whippet


This breed is closely related to the Afghan Hound. Similarly, they attain a shoulder length of 28 inches, weighing 70 pounds in the process. Looking at their history, we discovered that the Saluki was a dog originally bred for kings, and Middle Eastern royal families in extension. Unsurprisingly, it remains one of the most expensive tall and skinny dog breeds to date.

Despite their thin and slender limbs, the saluki is still well balanced. Moreover, these dogs are often compared to marathon athletes. They are not only fast, but also durable in the sense that they can cope with hours of hunting out in the mountains.

Tall Skinny Dog Saluki

Rhodesian Ridgeback

This is a tall and skinny dog that is equal parts loving, energetic, intelligent, and cheeky. The ridgeback comes from South Africa and was originally bred to hunt lion in packs. These dogs are not only lean and deep chested, but also slightly thin at middle. Other than that, the ridgeback also has a short, brown coat that is easy to maintain.

In this case, the pet owner will not have to worry about constantly sweeping up after the dog sheds. The ridgeback is also referred to as the African lion dog. Adult males can grow to 69 cm once they attain full maturity.

Tall Skinny Dog Rhodesian Ridgeback


The Azawakh is a dog you’ll find in West Africa, mostly in regions like Burkina Faso and Niger. Apart from being tall and lean, the Azawakh is additionally deep chested, short coated and arrow headed. These muscular, tall, albeit thin dogs can reach a maximum height of 74cm. Owing to their skinny frame, the outline of the Azawakh’s ribs are easily visible.

Another distinctive trait they have are the white markings spread along the legs, and the end of their tails. These dogs will also get along with people in their circles. They are not only loving, but also affectionate. However, strangers must often tread lightly as they can be protective and aloof around new faces.

Tall Skinny Dog, Azawakh

American English Coonhound

The English Coonhound was first bred in America, and ideally used for hunting. It was particularly proficient when it came to tracking down raccoons, or even foxes. The Coonhound’s coat can be described as medium length. Moreover, they can come is several shades, ranging from red, blue, redtick, to lemon white.

Some other common characteristics include dark brown eyes and a solid frame. Though they are a beautiful, tall, and skinny dog breed, you need to think twice before getting one. Since they were bred for hunting, the Coonhound has a high energy drive. They will need a strict training regimen, and constant practice before they can settle into the family.

Tall Skinny Dog, American English Coonhound

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