Dr. Jeff’s Hospital Location Has Changed. Latest Update on his Cancer and Health

Dr. Jeff Young is the founding member of the animal hospital and organization Planned Pethood International

Who is Dr. Jeff?

Dr. Jeffrey Young’s journey in the field of veterinary medicine commenced when he graduated from the Colorado State University, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. However, the seeds of his deeply rooted humane ethics were sown during his formative years, specifically during his tenure as an Animal Control Officer while pursuing his university education. In this role, he bore witness to the distressing instances of abuse and neglect inflicted upon healthy companion animals. This poignant experience served as the catalyst for his mission.

In 1990, Dr. Young took a remarkable step forward by founding Planned Pethood Plus, Inc. (PPP). Initially conceived as a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, it has since evolved to provide affordable full-service veterinary care. Planned Pethood became synonymous with its pioneering low-cost mobile neutering clinics, its compassionate work within Native American Reservations, and its commitment to training veterinarians from across the globe in more efficient surgical techniques.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Young has actively contributed to various Humane Society boards and lent his expertise to advise mobile surgical units spanning the United States. In the year 2000, he ventured even further by establishing Planned Pethood International, an organization dedicated to funding spay/neuter initiatives and veterinary training programs. In Europe, state-of-the-art veterinary training takes place in a hospital funded by Planned Pethood Plus, Inc. located in Bratislava, Slovakia. In addition to this, Planned Pethood International has generously financed a comprehensive veterinary hospital in Merida, Mexico. The proceeds generated by these clinics are reinvested into Planned Pethood International to support the training of veterinarians and the establishment of new clinics.

Dr. Young’s pride and passion lie in the remarkable impact he has made over the last 18 years. He has personally sterilized over 160,000 animals and has imparted his knowledge and skills to more than 300 veterinarians hailing from diverse corners of the world. His unwavering advocacy for early age neutering as a means to control companion animal overpopulation underscores his dedication to two simple yet profound missions: “significantly reducing companion animal overpopulation throughout the world” and “thinking globally while acting locally.” Driven by these principles, he continues to be an inspiring force in the realm of animal welfare and veterinary care.

Dr. Jeff is going to Mexico for this reason


Dr. Jeff Young Cancer and Health Update


About Planned Pethood International (PPI)

Dr. Jeff young Vet

PPI relies on your valuable support to accomplish its straightforward yet vital mission: “The reduction of companion animal overpopulation worldwide.” While this objective may initially seem daunting, the solution is refreshingly simple: channel efforts into spay/neuter campaigns, equip veterinarians with the necessary skills to continue this work, and develop culturally relevant educational materials that can shape future societal perspectives. No entity is more devoted to these goals than PPI, and your tax-deductible contribution can make you a part of companion animal history.

The practice of using limited resources to merely house a large number of animals does not constitute a solution to companion animal overpopulation. The only effective approach is to decrease the population, thereby elevating the status and ensuring the safety and well-being of these animals.

PPI has been providing invaluable training services to veterinarians from around the world. Under the guidance of Dr. Jeff Young, PPI has conducted sterilization campaigns and delivered presentations in various locations, including Slovakia, India, Panama, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, and numerous Native American Reservations in the US. Currently, PPI is actively involved in hospitals in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Merida, Mexico. It’s worth noting that 100% of all contributions and fundraising proceeds directly contribute to reducing companion animal overpopulation, training veterinarians in safe and efficient spay/neuter techniques, and aiding abused and abandoned animals.

PPI’s Key Goals:

  1. Construct a state-of-the-art hospital in Asia with a strong emphasis on spay/neuter procedures, working closely with local veterinarians and animal welfare organizations.
  2. Continue addressing the issue of companion animal overpopulation through education, legislation, and spay/neuter programs, rather than resorting to animal warehousing.
  3. Invest in the proceeds from our active adoption program and donations to offer training and equipment to veterinarians eager to improve the condition of companion animals worldwide.
  4. Reduce companion animal overpopulation globally while enhancing the status of our beloved companion animals.
  5. Maintain support for our established hospitals in Bratislava, Slovakia, Merida, and our newest international training center in Puerto Morales, Yucatan, Mexico.

At PPI, we have never charged veterinarians in our program for the training they receive at our hospitals, and we always provide them with accommodations and meals during their training.

Furthermore, PPI firmly believes that in the 21st century, it is insufficient to solely focus on spaying and neutering. We strongly advocate for the provision of low-cost, full-service veterinary care to all, especially those who may not have the means to care for their furry family members.

Planned Pethood International Location and Contact

 11825 US Hwy 285
Conifer, Colorado 80433


If you would like to donate, Please reach out to Dr. Jeff at this email address [email protected]


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    • I have recently heard theories about cancers having some sort of connection with parasites. I’m not sure if the doctor has been made aware of this. Maybe he should look into this.

  1. I love you what all you do and everyone else it helps me with my pets thanks and I pray that everything is good with you

  2. Respect and admire the ethics and philosophy you have displayed on your show. I have watched them religiously. My continued prayers for you and your family.

  3. I love what Dr. Jeff has created. When I could I watch the show all the time. My prayers and love is with you and your staff that you all stay healthy to be able to continue to do incredible work.
    Stay positive Jeff which you probably already know that.
    With much love for you all.

  4. Dr young me and my parents were in Colorado and then we across your place cause I wanted to meet you in person I enjoy watching your show and being big fan of yours I understand you are very busy man

  5. Thank you for all you do for the animals our pets of the world . I pray for your health. I wish I could of visit one of your places. May you have many years of training for your vet

  6. Dr. Jeff I’ve been a fan of yours & your TV show. Such a shame there aren’t more Vets like yourself. I keep you in my prayers & hope to meet you some day. Love you bunches,
    Barb from Ohio

  7. You need to beat this cancer I’m sure been trying to do mine prayers are being sent The Morrison’s from Wi.

  8. I pray Dr. Jeff will receive a complete healing. He’s a wonderful person and veterinarian along with his wife and colleagues. Love and miss the show.

  9. We watched the program every time it is on. Also prayed for him and his wife during his cancer fight. We appreciate all that he has done for animals. Stay safe and well. Nancy Hastings

  10. This man and his show (and his wonderful staff) are so inspiring to me and many others. Why is this show that does so much good not on yet these other fake-made up silly shows on? Please everyone contact network and demand this show be put back on and most of all PRAY for Dr. Jeff!


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