Is Dr. Nicole Arcy DVM married? Her Age and Wiki-Bio

Dr. Nicole Arcy is a reality television star and a licensed associate veterinarian. In an interview, Nicole revealed that she spent all of her childhood in their family farm. It was here that she’d develop a keen interest in caring for a variety of animals. This, in turn, birthed her dream to venture into veterinary medicine.

During the last National Pet Day, Dr. Arcy was photographed with her pet chicken. In her post, she added that all creatures were beautiful and equal, regardless of their size. Find out if Dr. Nicole Arcy is married.

Who is Dr. Nicole Arcy?

Dr. Nicole Arcy is an animal health specialist whose main focus lies in the treatment of exotic creatures. She has had to work extensively to build a career for herself in veterinary medicine. Her first stop was the vet school at Michigan State College, where she was awarded a BA in Zoology.

After this, Nicole would pursue Post Graduate qualifications at the University of Missouri. It was at this institute that she’d attain an MA in Public Health. Upon completing her studies in Missouri, Nicole made the life-changing move to Weidman, Michigan.

This is where she’d meet legendary dutch vet Jan Pol and his wife, Diane. Nicole had been a fan of the show for a while now, so she was very eager to take on a role at the clinic. She’d finally land a position at Pol Vet Services in 2018, back in June.

The clinic is up to date with all the latest innovations regarding vet care, services, and technology. Moreover, the clinic also offers various medical procedures and surgeries in the case of emergencies.

Since she joined the clinic, Dr. Arcy has examined several different animals: birds, dogs, small farm animals, reptiles, and even cats.

Image of Dr. Nicole Arcy.
Celebrity vet, Dr. Nicole Arcy.

Her time on The Incredible Dr. Pol

Fortunately for Nicole, working with Dr. Jan provided a path to television. She’d first be introduced to fans during the episode titled ‘Of Mice and Macaws’ on the 23rd of February 2019. This was during the series’ 14th season.

When she first started, Dr. Arcy was a Staff Vet who was learning the ropes from the much more experienced staff members at the clinic. As of 2021, she is starred in a grand total of 28 episodes on the Nat Geo-sponsored series.

One of Dr. Arcy’s most unforgettable moments on the show came in the 15th season. Nicole and the other vets had to deal with a severely injured mini horse and a particularly angry bovine that was not easy to approach.

In Good Wool Hunting, we also got to watch as Nicole, and the rest of the team examined several animals set to appear in the Isabella County Fair.

Her Age and D.O.B

Dr. Nicole Arcy was born on the 20th of December 1993 in Dearborn, Michigan. What this means is that Nicole is set to turn 28 by the end of the year. Last year, the Official Incredible Dr. Pol Facebook Page wished Nicole a happy birthday.

Moreover, they attached a picture of Dr. Arcy posing with 6 newborn puppies. Other than that, everyone curious about Nicole’s zodiac sign will be happy to know that she is a Sagittarius.

Is Dr. Nicole Arcy married?

No, research shows that Dr. Arcy does not have a husband at the moment. In fact, we couldn’t even confirm if she is in a relationship presently.

Her social media platforms are littered with pictures of various animals, implying that she is married to her work. As far as we could see, the only man in her life is Dr. Jan Pol, who serves as a mentor and father figure.

Social Media Activities

Nicole spends a good amount of sites like Instagram, where she has amassed more than 68,000 followers. One glaringly obvious thing is Dr. Arcy’s dedication and commitment to caring for animals. Back in July 2020, she treated a horse with an injured and bleeding eye.

In another high-profile case, Dr. Arcy worked side by side with Dr. Pol to help a cow that was suffering from the left displacement of the abomasum. What this meant was that the animal’s abomasum had been dislodged from its normal position.

Her most recent posts came two weeks ago, as Nicole displayed a picture of her 8 weeks old Beagle, Sr. Remington.


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Her Twitter page, which she launched just two years ago, is slightly less popular. She has around 16.3K subscribers on this page. Like her IG page, there are many posts about her work at Pol Veterinary Services. Besides promoting the center, Dr. Arcy also uses her Twitter handle to talk about the show.

For example, back in June, Nicole disclosed that her series was in the running for a Critics Choice Award. Moreover, Nicole would also make a passionate post on World Veterinary Day. She revealed that there was no other job in the world that would make her as happy as vet medicine.

Net Worth and Income Sources

Research reveals that the average net income for a veterinarian based in the state of Michigan is $96,000. This is not the only way Nicole makes money. Ever since she started working on The Incredible Dr. Pol, it is rumored that Nicole and the other cast members can earn up to $10,000 for every episode they appear in.

As of 2021, we can confirm that Dr. Arcy has been credited in 28 episodes. If you do that math, it would suggest that she has earned about $280,000 from the show so far. It presently puts Dr. Nicole Arcy’s net worth at $200,000.

Dr. Nicole Arcy’s Wiki-Facts

Full name Dr. Nicole Arcy
Age 27 years old.
Date of Birth Dec 20th, 1993
Place of Birth Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Profession Staff Vet, TV Personality
Net worth $200,000
Partner N/A
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents Under review

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