Hachiko Reborn: For 12 years, a Dog has been waiting for her Dead owner in the hospital door.

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck Kathmandu in April 2015, Alka Hospital became a hub of both tragedy and resilience. Amidst the chaos, a patient was admitted to the hospital, accompanied by his loyal companion—a small black puppy. The duo found solace in cabin C18.

Despite the medical team’s efforts, the patient succumbed to his injuries, leaving his faithful pet behind. Unaware of her owner’s passing, the black puppy continued to wait outside room C18. As the days turned into years, the poignant scene unfolded— the patient’s body was taken away, but the devoted canine never received closure.

Eight years later, the once-small puppy has matured into a grown dog, her once-silky black coat now weathered and scraggly. Nevertheless, every night since 2015, she has maintained her unwavering vigil outside room C18 at Alka Hospital. In the daylight hours, she descends the stairs to the hospital courtyard, a routine that has become an enduring testament to loyalty and the unbreakable bond between humans and their animal companions.

Bhagwan KC, the administrator at Alka Hospital, observes, “She remains seated there, anticipating his return. Her loyalty is remarkable; she hasn’t ventured anywhere else but this hospital, and come nightfall, you’ll find her faithfully stationed on the mat outside C18.”

Efforts were made by the hospital to reunite the dog with the deceased patient’s family. However, Kali, as the dog has been named due to her color, vehemently resisted, becoming visibly agitated and resorting to hiding and barking when the family approached. Despite attempts to shoo her away, the administration found her unwavering in her determination to stay.

“We eventually decided to embrace her presence,” states Goma Thapa, a janitor at Alka. “We’ve adopted her as our own.” Thus, Kali, with her weathered black coat, has become an integral and permanent part of the hospital, embodying a poignant tale of loyalty and resilience.

During our recent visit to Alka Hospital, just moments before midnight, we encountered Kali, the steadfast canine companion, peacefully asleep outside the familiar door of C18. Even after the passage of eight years, she clings to the memory of her departed friend, faithfully awaiting his return. The compassionate hospital staff ensures her well-being, providing nourishment, and Kali, in turn, has seamlessly integrated into the hospital routine without causing any disturbance.

Goma Thapa, a member of the hospital staff, marvels at Kali’s unwavering presence, noting, “She stays here all the time, she eats here, sleeps here—never straying. She is like a cherished member of the staff. She truly is an amazing dog, a testament to the profound bond she shared with her owner, who must have held a deep affection for her.”

Even when encountering unfamiliar faces, Kali remains welcoming, wagging her tail and curiously sniffing those who approach. Yet, a subtle melancholy sets in as she realizes that the anticipated reunion is not unfolding, prompting her to return to her vigil in a quiet corner.

For veterinary specialist Bishal Chaudhary, Kali’s loyalty draws parallels to the legendary Hachiko, the Japanese Akita that waited faithfully outside Shibuya train station for nine years in the 1920s.

Chaudhary explains the unique nature of a dog’s memory, associating smell with a profound recollection of space and time. In Kali’s case, he speculates that the owner must have brought her to the hospital for checkups, creating a lasting bond between the place and her memories of him.

According to hospital administrator Bhagwan KC, Kali has transcended the status of a mere visitor; she has become an integral part of the Alka family. There is no consideration of sending her away; instead, she is embraced as a cherished resident. Despite the signs of aging, with a slower pace, Kali remains resolute in her vigil. KC affirms, “She will spend the rest of her days here, right outside cabin C18,” a living testament to the enduring power of loyalty and love.

about movie Hachiko

“Hachiko: A Dog’s Story” is a poignant and heartwarming film based on the true story of Hachiko, an Akita dog in 1920s Japan. The movie follows the deep and unbreakable bond between Hachiko and his owner, Professor Parker Wilson, portrayed by Richard Gere. Every day, Hachiko faithfully waits for his owner at the Shibuya train station to return from work, even after Professor Wilson’s sudden passing.

The film beautifully captures the enduring loyalty and love of Hachiko as he continues his daily vigil for nine years, captivating the hearts of the station’s commuters and staff. Through the seasons of life, loss, and change, “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story” explores the themes of loyalty, companionship, and the profound impact one small act of devotion can have on an entire community. The movie is a touching tribute to the extraordinary bond between humans and their animal companions, leaving audiences with a lasting appreciation for the power of love and loyalty.

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