Here’s how Much Dr. Pol Charge for an Office Visit.

The Nat Geo Wild, ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ reality series features a Dutch-American Veterinarian, Jan Pol, his family and employees who work together at his veterinary clinic. In fact, he and his wife, Diane Dalrymple, started a vet business back in 1981 just outside their home. Over the years, their business has come to serve more than 19000 clients. Read this to know How much Dr. Pol Charges for an Office Visit.

On 29th October 2011, Nat Geo finally began airing ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol,’ which is filmed in the rural area of Weidman, Michigan.

Considering the fact that he studied veterinary medicine and opened his vet business back in the 80s, there is no doubt that Dr Pol is now very successful and well-known. Being a celebrity veterinarian, it’s no secret that we must have wondered at some point how much Dr. Pol usually charges for an office visit.

Dr. Pol’s Charges For an Office Visit

According to some sources, Dr. Pol’s veterinary fees can vary depending on the care he provides. Being a veterinarian, his services include laboratory work, physical tests, clinic procedures, hospital stays, surgical procedures, pain medication, etc., and of course, each services has its own different prices.

One thing to also note is that the services are all protected by pet insurance, which ensures that the pet owners are reimbursed after paying for the services.

So far, information about the cost of services that Dr. Pol, his clinic’s normal charge is $100-$300 for routine check-ups, which can go higher ten folds, depending on the type of treatment/diagnosis required.

However, research already shows that routine checkups for animals cost around $50- $250 in other hospitals.

Services like bloodwork, x-rays and ultrasounds normally cost around $80- $600. Of course, we should keep in mind that serious services like emergency surgery, wound treatment and oxygen therapy tend to cost up to $ 3,000.

Besides his services, Dr. Pol also has a page where he sells pet foods &treats, pet accessories, farm feeds, limited ingredients, apparel, gifts and collectables.

Apart from making money being a veterinarian and selling animal products, Dr. Pol also gets paid $30,000 per episode. So far, ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol is in its 11th season, and the recent and ongoing episodes are currently being aired on Nat Geo Network.


Since the early 80’s, Dr. Jan Pol and his wife have been running a vet business. So, the fans are interested in knowing how much he charges for an office visit, considering how famous and experienced he is now.

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  1. You can not charge enough for his experience and knowledge. He doesn’t have time for running free clinics like some other TV vets. He may give tons of cash to charities. He would not be bragging about it.


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