What is Dr. Elizabeth Grammer doing after Husband Tragic D3ath?

Dr. Elizabeth Grammer is a 47 American veterinary doctor and TV star. She is famous for her cast in the reality TV show, ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’ However, Dr. Liz left the show after a string of unfortunate events that caused her to turn towards total privacy.

The graduate from Georgia University landed on her dream job in Pol’s clinic in 2016, worked for two years, and got the opportunity to be on the TV show for nine episodes. Find out why she left the show and more about her personal life.

Here’s why Dr. Elizabeth Left Dr. Pol.

Employees get fired for different reasons, either misconduct or found guilty of anything unethical. In some instances, employees request to be discharged from their duties also for various reasons.

If you have been following stories about Dr. Pol’s clinic, you will realize that no employee has left his clinic, and the show after having a bad experience from his side, he is a great employer.

Most of them leave the clinic and the show due to their own personal reasons. And the same case implies to Dr. Liz.

Information from the show narrates a different story about the fall out with Dr. Liz than in the public domain. What we know is that Dr. Liz went against medical ethics and allowed her husband to misuse drugs that, as a result, caused his death. She also attempted to take her life after realizing she made a mistake.

Image of Dr. Elizabeth from the Dr. Pol
Caption: Dr. Elizabeth from Dr. Pol

Dr. Elizabeth Grammer’s Husband Death.

It was at the peak of the festive season, the eve of Christmas, 25th December 2016. At 9 PM, Dr. Liz made a distress call to the Police asking for paramedic help. Upon arrival, the Police found her husband, Robert, unconscious.

Dr. Elizabeth Grammer told the Police that her husband had been drinking alcohol the whole day. After getting so drunk, he asked her for some medication that could make him feel better. She confessed to handing over to him butorphanol, a powerful narcotic drug also used as morphine. He gave himself a jab of 5mil of the drug and passed out.

Image of Dr. Elizabeth husband died due to overdose of medicine and alcohol
Caption: Dr. Elizabeth husband died due to an overdose of medicine and alcohol

Robert was admitted to Monroe Hospital that night, but that facility could not handle his case. He was transferred to Macon Medical center, where he has taken to the ICU under life support machine.

On 30th December, five days later, he breathed his last breath. His funeral and burial ceremony was done on 2nd January 2017 at Coggins Funeral Home in Thomaston.

Back to Dr. Elizabeth Grammer. Three days after her husband was admitted, on 28th December, two deputies Sharif’s were dispatched at her residence to follow her husband’s story. Reaching the house, they found Dr. Liz lying helplessly at the couch with an IV on her arm and its bag hanging on the ceiling.

According to the police report, she attempted to commit suicide. She was admitted to Monroe hospital, where she gained consciousness and was later transferred to Macon Medical center in a psychiatric ward.

The Police indicated that she would be charged in court, and if found guilty of anything, further actions will be taken. After all these severe and unfortunate events in her life, she decided to keep a low profile.

Three years later, this story has come to the limelight; no one really knows what transpired after that. Chances of her being in prison are very minimal.

What is Dr. Elizabeth from “Dr. Pol” Doing Now?

We could hardly find any information about what she is currently doing. Rumors out there has it that she is practicing in a private facility Animal Amour Veterinary Hospital and Pet Lodge, in Hampton, Georgia.

It looks like she went back to her hometown after the sad after the dark events. She is a very talented doctor who received many positive critics while working under Dr. Pol.

We are hoping the fine details about what she is up to leaks out soon. And when it does, we won’t hesitate to share the good news with you, right here.

Wiki and facts.

Dr. Elizabeth Grammer vet was born in 1973 in Lamar, Georgia, USA. However, her birthday is unknown. The same case applies to information about her parents and siblings.

In an interview, she once said that she was raised in the countryside, where she lived with animals getting along with them from a tender age. It was then that the dream of becoming a vet started.

She attended the University of Georgia, where she graduated as a doctor in veterinary medicine. Her education timeline is also unknown.

She was first employed at Southside Animal Hospital in Moultrie, Georgia, before joining Dr. Pol’s clinic in Michigan. She worked a veterinary doctor and the cast for the show for two years before leaving disappearing.

Dr. Elizabeth Grammer vet is the mother of four children whom she bore with her late husband. They are named Kourtney Jones, Kaeli Gibson, Nick Grammer, and Nelson Grammer. However, their birthdays are unknown. Dr. Liz is also nowhere in social media, making it difficult to know much about her current life. Whether she got married again is unknown.

In terms of wealth, the number behind Doctor Liz is also unknown. She worked at Dr. Pol’s clinic, where she received a salary as a doctor and earned casting for the show. The estimates of her net worth is not available.

Full name Dr. Elizabeth Grammer
Age 47 Years old
Date of Birth 1973
Place of Birth Lamar, Georgia, USA
Profession Veterinary Doctor, Reality TV Star
Net worth Unknown
Spouse Robert Grammer (Deceased)
Kids 4, Kourtney, Kaeli, Nick, and Nelson
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Parents Unknown

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